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        Professional Team 
        System Perfection
        Japanese import enterprise
        Shandong leading
        Reputation Comes from Quality
         → 優越的日本貨源
        → 優質的產品
        → 優良的服務
         → 優秀的團隊!
        Internal training is the most important system of Pengsheng, we are constantly trying to develop a set of internal training process suitable for everyone, forming a good atmosphere of continuous learning and improvement, so that employees can grow up, but also enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.
        Internal Training
        “Family Gathering”
        The annual conference is not just a summary of the achievements of the past year,
        set goals for the coming year and address current problems,
        It is also Pengsheng's annual "family gathering".
        Party Building
        Team building is one of the most effective means to clarify team goals, increase team cohesion and inspire staff morale.
        Employee Welfare Protection
        Five insurances, one housing fund, year-end bonus
        Gourmet lunches, annual physicals, holiday perks
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