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        Pengsheng Is Committed to Providing Customers with Quality Japanese Products
        We Have Become The Leading Enterprise of Japanese Goods Import in Shandong After Five Years of Development
        Import from Japan Primary Source
        The company's products cover the most popular categories of maternal and child, daily chemical product, cleaning, kitchen and bathroom, about 500 products. Many of them are well-known brands at home and abroad, such as Kao, KOBAYASHI, LION, Elleair, THERMOS, ZOJIRUSHI, P&G, Propolinse, etc.
        Professional Team System Perfection
        Close relationship with Japanese brand partners.
        We have rich import and export experience and are familiar with the customs clearance process.
        Where there are business opportunities, there are Pengsheng footprints.
        Diversified Supply Channels
        Now there are nearly a thousand companies all over the country and we have established a good cooperative relationship. Our main supply channels for wholesale, retail, supermarket, online platform, physical stores, group purchase and so on.
        We Offer A Consignment Service
        Where there are business opportunities, there are Pengsheng footprints.
        Qr Code of Tik Tok Store (Tik Tok Scan Follow)

        Strong Execution The Delivery in Time
        Cooperation with DHL, DBL, SF, HTKY, ZTO, YD , our delivery speed, logistics and transportation in time and we ensure the safety of goods, so that every customer of Pengsheng can feel at ease
        Welcome to Inquire
        Run with a group of like-minded people.
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        Look up with a clear distance.
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